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Spring 2014

Sacred and Profane

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Simon Phipps Vocal Ensemble
Released in August 2003
149 SEK
Sound design:
Per Sjösten

A Brittish Style Choir from Gothenburg
Simon Phipps Vocal ensemble is regarded one of the foremost choirs in the city and region of Gothenburg, which offers immense competition in choral singing. The ensemble was formed in 1997 and its agenda was to perform music from a repertoire as wide and varied as possible.

First CD dedicated to Benjamin Britten
In its first CD-release, the Simon Phipps Vocal ensemble performs music written entirely by the greatest English 20:th century composer, Benjamin Britten. This is a tribute to the composer whose music influenced Simon Phipps already at an early age; his father was Britten’s agent.

What’s on this CD?
Britten’s immensely rich and varied choral production is reflected on this CD that spans from beauty to drama. The CD contains some of the composer’s most acknowledged compositions like A Hymn to the Virgin, Five Flower Songs and Hymn to Saint Cecilia, as well as the great suit Sacred and Profane with its vibrating vocals and racy medieval lyrics. It also contains the vocally challenging suit Choral Dances from the opera Gloriana. Enjoy Britten’s music performed by Simon Phipps’ excellent Vocal ensemble on this edition of Benjamin Britten’s choral music.

Complete contents:

1. S:t Godric's hymn [1:36]
2. I mon waxe wod [0:42]
3. Lenten is come [2:21]
4. The long night [1:26]
5. Yif ic of luv can [2:34]
6. Carol [1:49]
7. Ye that passen by [2:11]
8. A Death [2:54]
9. A Shepherds Carol [4:07]
10. Hymn to the Virgin [3:28]
11. To Daffodils [1:47]
12. The Succession [1:50]
13. March Flowers [2:18]
14. Evening primrose [2:58]
15. Ballad of Green Broom [2:04]
16. Time [1:16]
17. Concord [2:05]
18. Time and Concord [1:21]
19. Country Girls [1:03]
20. Rustics [0:57]
21. Final Dance [1:53]
22. Old Joe has gone fishing [1:54]
23. Hymn to S:t Cecilia [11:02]