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Nordic Voices

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Voces Nordicae
Released in August 2003
199 SEK
Sound design:
Per Sjösten

Nordic Blonde Choral Sound
Lone Larsen founded the choir Voces Nordicae during her diploma studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, supervised by professor Anders Eby. Her Danish heritage is reflected on the album NORDIC VOICES; here you will find music by three of the most brilliant Danish composers: Vagn Holmboe, Jørgen Jersild and Per Nørgård.

This CD also contains two arrangements by one of Scandinavia’s most apprechiated arrangers of choral music, Gunnar Eriksson. The two songs are Kristallen den fina (a quadlibet of three folk songs) and To the mothers in Brazil, the latter being one of the most popular songs by the Swedish jazz composer and pianist Lars Jansson. The Finnish composer Jaakko Mäntyjärvi is represented with his magnificent piece Five Shakespeare Songs.

Two composers; the Basque composer Javier Busto, with his folkloristic piece Sagastipean and the Estonian composer Urmas Sisask, with his expressive piece Benedictio, represent Europe outside the Nordic countries.

Per Henrik Andersson
- recorder
Micke Nilsson - percussion
Björn Paulsson - flute
Ulla-Carin Börjesdotter - solo voice on 4 & 5
Hannah Holgersson - solo voice on 2
Ulrika Mjörndal - solo voice on 1
Björn Paulsson - solo voice on 9
Björn Uhrlin - solo voice on 5

From the Press
”... Lone Larsen and her elite choir Voces Nordicae profiles themselves with crystal clear intonation and a dark, sensual and rich timbre...”
(Carl-Gunnar Åhlén, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden)

The Recording
This album was recorded during three cold days in Februari 2003. The recording site was Petruskyrkan in Stocksund (close to Stockholm). A small beautiful church with brick walls and a wooden roof.

Complete contents:

1. Fjaugen [3:44]
Jan Ekedahl & Mats Hallberg

2. Kærlighedsrosen [1:46]
Jørgen Jersild

3. Min yndlingsdal [4:12]
Jørgen Jersild

4. Sagastipean [6:26]
Javier Busto

5. I denna ljuva sommartid [3:37]
Anders Nyberg

Liber Canticorum
Vagn Holmboe
6. Lauda Anima Mea [2:54]

7. Laudabo Dominum [2:55]

8. Psallam Deo [3:01]

9. Kristallen den fina [2:20]
Gunnar Eriksson

10. Flos ut rosa floruit [3:01]
Per Nørgård

11. To the mothers in Brazil/Salve Regina [4:40]
Lars Jansson & Gunnar Eriksson

12. Benedictio [7:01]
Urmas Sisask

Four Shakespeare Songs
Jaakko Mäntyjärvi
13. Come away, death [2:56]

14. Lullaby [2:58]

15. Double, double toil and trouble [3:25]

16. Full fathom five [2:22]

Total time: 58:51