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Spring 2014

Kyst - Kust - Coast

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Oslo Chamber Choir
Released in April 2004
199 SEK
Sound design:
Per Sjösten

Music from the coastline
This album is the result of a long cooperation between Grete Pedersen/The Oslo Chamber Choir and Gunnar Eriksson. The program "Coast" has been on tour for several years and has been warmly received. The overall theme is — of course — songs from the coastline of Sweden and Norway. All choral arrangements are by Gunnar Eriksson.

In Grete Pedersen’s own words: ”This album is a tribute to the things that are not for sale: the taste of summer, the smell of decaying sea weed, the sight of Bohuslän’s rounded hills, the sound of sunrise, the belief in life and love...


The Oslo Chamber Choir

Grete Pedersen - Conductor
Gunnar Eriksson - Conductor
Arve Henriksen - Trumpet
Mats Eriksson - Guitars
Anders Jormin - Double Bass

Complete contents:

1. Sjømansvise [2:42]
Harald Sverdrup & Alf Cranner

2. Söt blomma [4:08]
Fritz Sjöström

3. Visa till Fårö [4:11]
Elisabeth Hermodsson

4. Balladen om briggen "Blue Bird" av Hull [5:08]
Evert Taube

5. Byssan Lull [3:10]
Evert Taube

6. Så länge skutan kan gå [2:49]
Evert Taube

7. Svarteborg [12:46]

8. Nocturne [2:18]
Evert Taube

9. Bossa på tå [4:51]
Gunnar Eriksson & Lars Gullin

10. Ung forelsket kvinne [4:28]
Stein Mehren & Ketil Bjørnstad

11. Sommernatt ved fjorden [3:25]
Ketil Bjørnstad

12. Vi skal ikkje sova bort sumarnatta [2:51]
Aslaug Laastad Lygre & Geirr Tveitt

13. Danse, ikke grå nå [4:39]
Lillebjørn Nilsen

14. Visa i vinden [2:17]
Elisabeth Hermodsson

15. En håttespelman [6:04]
Evert Taube

Total time: 66:52
All arrangements by Gunnar Eriksson