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Göteborg Baroque
Spring 2014

Tiden far i träden - Ett requiem. Ge mig den kärlek som krävs

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The Rilke Ensemble & Musica Vitae
Released in Mars 2006
Original price: 149 SEK incl VAT (25%)
149 SEK
Sound design:
Per Sjösten

Adolphson's songs in a new guise
Composer Anders Hultqvist found that some of the Swedish singer-songwriter Olle Adolphson's songs and poems in the collection Folia, in a natural way could be inserted into the traditional mass for the dead. In this requiem – Tiden far i träden – Hultqvist has consequently joined songs such as År (Years), Ge mig en dag (Give me a day) and Rim i juli (Poem in July) with old Gregorian melodies and self-penned material. The lyrics deal with the passing of time, mortality and remembrance, often with nature as a backdrop.

The piece is performed by the Rilke Ensemble from Göteborg with the chamber orchestra Musica Vitae from Växjö. Reciter is actress Kristina Adolphson.

In the suite Ge mig den kärlek som krävs (Give me the love) Anders Hultqvist has arranged six Olle Adolphson songs that centre around man's journey to love and maturity: Ro hemåt (Rowing homewards), Nu har jag fått den jag vill ha (Now I have my own true love), Marsch på Skeppsbron (A bridge walking tune), Blåst (Wind), Nu kommer kvällen (Dusk is falling) and Aria.

This suite is performed by wellknown vocalist Claes Janson, backed by the Rilke Ensemble and Musica Vitae.

Conductor is Gunnar Eriksson.

In 2006 the Rilke Ensemble celebrates its 25th anniversary. In 2004 the ensemble was named Choir of the Year by Rikskonserter and FöreningsSparbanken.!


Musica Vitae
Claes Janson
- vocal
Kristina Adolphson - reciter
Gunnar Eriksson
- conductor

Complete contents:

den far i träden - Ett requiem
Introitus / Requiem
Bridge I
Kyrie eleison / Allt gör jag till bilder
Bridge II
Dies irae / År
Sanctus / Ge mig en dag
Agnus Dei
Att vänta
Lux aeterna
Libera me / Så går vi bort
Det här är stunden
Bridge III
Rim i juli
In paradisum

Ge mig den kärlek som krävs
Ro hemåt
Nu har jag fått den jag vill ha
Marsch på Skeppsbron
Nu kommer kvällen
AriaIntroitus / Requiem