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Spring 2014

Time is Now

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Voces Nordicae
Released in November 2006
149 SEK
Sound design:
Per Sjösten

Voices from Stockholm
Time is Now, the successor of their first album Nordic Voices, contains a broad spectrum of favorites from the choir's repertoire. The time span is huge, covering music from the Renaissance to the present day, with compositions by Francisco Guerrero, Josef Rheinberger, James Taylor, Olle Lindberg, Susanne Rosenberg, among others. The conductor and artistic leader, Lone Larsen, has contributed with the title track Time is Now and also with some of the arrangements. The variety in the repertoire is a clear signum of Voces Nordicae.

Voces Nordicae has gained an international reputation as one of the most prominent choirs in Sweden. Part of this reputation is due to their successful appearances at special performances abroad and a number of awards at international choir festivals. As one of the foremost representatives of Swedish choral singing, Nordic Voices was invited to the ACDA's (American Choral Directors Association) national meeting in Miami, in Mars 2007. This is an honor that previously has been given to only three Swedish choirs, among these the Swedish Radio Choir and The Real Group.

Complete contents:

Ave Maria
(Francisco Guerrero)

Pater Noster
(Francisco Guerrero)

Hymn to the Creator of Light
(John Rutter)

Time is Now/Danse ikke gråte nå
(Lone Larsen/Lillebjørn Nilsen)

(Susanne Rosenberg)

Be of Love
(David Worm/Mark Vickness)

That Lonesome Road
(James Taylor)

Sun on the Moon
(James Taylor)

Det er det største dårlighet
(Trad. Norway)

Sonnet No. 76
(Alfred Janson)

(Olle Lindberg)

(Olle Lindberg)

(Josef Rheinberger)


Backa Hans Eriksson
- double bass
Mikael Nilsson - percussion