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Göteborg Baroque
Spring 2014

Ramaskri / Outcries

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The Pro Musica Chamber Choir
Released in September 2006
149 SEK
Sound design:
Per Sjösten

A refined instrument
“Ramaskri/Outcries is a vocal effusion on violence and excesses towards man and the earth. This commitment is heard throughout this CD, which also reflects our long, devoted work with and for the music of our time.”

Jan Yngwe

The Chamber Choir Pro Musica has for decades been a powerful voice in the Swedish and international choral community. The choir is appreciated for their work with large contemporary works by, among others, the Russian composer Alfred Schnittke and Swiss Frank Martin.

Throughout the years, the Chamber Choir Pro Musica has received a large number of awards in international choir competitions. With their recordings for the Swedish Radio and for CD and their appearances in Swedish Television, the choir has been praised nationally as well as internationally.

Jan Yngwe, the conductor and artistic leader, works at the University in Gothenburg, the School of Stage and Music, as a professor in conducting choir and orchestra, as well as choral singing and orchestral playing. He is also the conductor for the school's chamber choir.

In 2004, Jan Yngwe was given one of the finest awards a Swedish choral conductor can receive; the Johannes Norrby Medal for ”a successful and utterly qualified deed as choral conductor that has lasted for many years”.

Complete contents:

Poslegnij platj garmosjki listen
(Nikolai Sidelnikov)

Sound Canticle on Bay Psalm 23 listen
(Gregg Smith)

Helletused listen
(Veljo Tormis)

Raua needmine listen
(Veljo Tormis)

Tebe poyem listen
(Sergei Rachmaninoff)

Wiigen-Lied listen
(Per Nørgård)

Ramaskri/Outcries listen
(Jan Yngwe)

A Child's Prayer listen
(James MacMillan)

Mulighetenes skapning listen
(Bjørn Kruse)

Cloudburst listen
(Eric Whitacre)