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Göteborg Baroque
Spring 2014

Stories Of Now

Anders Hagberg Quartet
August 2011
149 SEK
Anders Hagberg is a flautist and saxophonist who has played in groups like Mynta, Yggdrasil, New Jungle Orchestra, Winduo and Earthsongs. Together with the organist Johannes Landgren he has released the CD Of Air on Footprint Records (FRCD 017). 
Now it’s time for the Anders Hagberg Quartet, with pianist Joona Toivanen (Joona Toivanen Trio, Jazz & Fly Fishing), bassist Johannes Lundberg (Billy Cobham, Orca, Trine-Lise Væring) and drummer Göran Kroon (Bohuslän Big Band, Änglaspel). The music – all tunes composed or arranged by Anders Hagberg – is characterized by Nordic blond melodies, a lively rhythm and sonorous harmonies. 
Anders Hagberg is famous for his innovative flute playing; on this CD he plays – besides C flute and soprano saxophone – bass and contrabass flutes as well as matusi and harmonic flutes. 
“I have often played music in the borderland between jazz and world music – where curiosity and an open mind are required. For this CD I have chosen the classic acoustic jazz quartet format, with piano, doublebass, drums and wind-instruments, stressing my identity as an improvising jazz musician.” Anders Hagberg 
The CD contains bonus material: two additional music tracks, sheet music and info.
Complete contents:
  1. Stories of Now listen
  2. Biera Maret listen
  3. Höst listen
  4. Dancing Stone listen
  5. Hommage listen
  6. Gentle Giant listen
  7. Om olyckan vill listen
  8. Ali Khan listen
  9. Gtonga listen
  10. Within
  11. Faller Regn listen
  12. Strax listen
All music by Anders Hagberg except Om olyckan vill by Johannes Lundberg