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Spring 2014

Perfectly Still

August 20, 2012
149 SEK
Sound design:
Per Sjösten

Perfectly Still may be the first album released by the trio Riedel/Svensson/Skokic, but the members are hardly newcomers to the music business: Sarah Riedel, vocals; Carl Svensson, guitar; Viktor Skokic, double bass; have all figured in a wide variety of contexts and they’ve been a trio since 2009.

Perfectly Still is a musical tour of their acoustic universe, and all nine tracks were either composed or picked up by members of the trio. This release also features guest performers Thomas Backman on alto sax and clarinets, and Martin Öhman on percussion.


Sarah Riedel is widely acclaimed as a vocalist. In 2010 and 2011, she was nominated for the “Jazzkatten” award presented by SR, Sweden’s public service radio broadcaster, in the “New Artist” category. Prior to this, Ms. Riedel was acknowledged with a Swedish Grammy nod for the jazz album Hemligheter på vägen recorded with Georg Riedel. Her 2010 solo debut, Memories of a Lost Lane, was warmly received by audiences and critics alike. Johannes Cornell, music critic at the daily Dagens Nyheter, picked it for his Top Ten Releases of the Year list. Sarah Reidel also received international recognition, and has toured in Belgium, Finland, France, Japan and the US. Other recent projects include the 2011 Swedish Grammy nominee Cornelis vs Riedel and the debut CD from the duo Common Creatures, Daydreamers.


“Her performance takes a short-cut straight into your heart.”
Fredrik Fischer, Ystads Allehanda

“Sarah has this quality of singing that evokes speaking. Her voice has a certain ease, it’s uncluttered by mannerisms without being banal. Character and core. And a wonderful treatment of language. She has the capacity to really go far.”
Gunilla Brodrej, Expressen


Carl Svensson was born in Vallentuna, but now lives in Gothenburg. He studied guitar at the Academy of Music and Drama at Gothenburg University and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (CNSMDP), Paris, France. In 2012, Carl Svensson was awarded a grant from the Albin Hagström Memorial Fund and he is involved in several projects as a composer and musician.


Viktor Skokic is well-known in Sweden as a bass player, composer, arranger and bandleader. After graduating from the renowned music programme in Skurup, Skokic has been involved in a number of projects, such as Sarah Riedel’s Memories of a Lost Lane; and Tira Vento spelar Taube, the debut release of Tira Vento, where he is musical director and arranger. He has toured in a number of contexts in Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, and the US. Some highlights in Sweden include appearances at the Umeå Jazz Festival, Swedish Jazz Celebration, jazz clubs such as Fasching and Nefertiti, and broadcasts by SR.






Complete contents:

1. Again (Skokic) - 2:42
2. In Such Silence (Riedel) - 4:51
3. The Storm (Riedel) - 4:04
4. Portugal (Skokic) - 5:42
5. Blue Town (Lourain) - 4:32
6. Surabaya Johnny (Weill/Brecht) - 6:38
7. The Stone (Svensson) - 5:18
8. To My Left (Skokic) - 5:57
9. You Belong To Me (King/Chilton/Stewart) - 3:52

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