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Göteborg Baroque
Spring 2014

Melodic Melange

Anders Hagberg / Ahmad Al Khatib
21 April 2014
149 SEK
Sound design:
Johannes Lundberg

Melodic Melange is a true world music recording, a melange of two cultures, two musical traditions. Or rather several traditions – Arabic maqam and Nordic jazz, which in itself is a melange of many traditions.

Ahmad al Khatib is a highly brilliant oud player, with his roots in Palestine. Anders Hagberg is a well known Swedish soprano saxophonist and flute player who constantly seeks new ground for his musical explorations. Two more musicians are joining the duo on the album: the virtuoso percussionist Youssef Hbeisch, based in Paris, and the Swedish jazz bass player Johannes Lundberg.

The music on the CD is an affectionate encounter, musical reflections on modal scale improvisations. The musicians are exploring the interfaces between their musical expressions in order to create a music that reaches towards a new synthesis. The unique instruments contrabass flute and matusi, a membrane flute, contribute to the personal sound of the music.

Anders and Ahmad are also working with some of India’s foremost classical musicians, which has resulted in several tours and the album Ley Lines, release globally. In November 2014 they will once again tour in India.

Melodic Melange is Anders Hagberg’s third album on Footprint Records, after Of Air (2004) with church organ, and the much acclaimed Stories of Now (2011) with Anders Hagberg Quartet.

As a bonus there are four mp3 live tracks on

Complete contents:

1. Sounds of Sufi 9.03
2. Blue Dove 4.07
3. Red 6.53
4. Two Rivers 4.30
5. Meditation 13.12
6. Troll 4.52
7. Arpeggio 6.26
8. Caravanserai 3.22
9. Elegy for our fathers 4.59
10. Arpeggio Coda 4.53
Total time 62.20