Footprint is celebrating 15 years of producing good music

We love good music and outstanding artists. This is our passion. With this new platform we can share our passion with you! See the Facebook video from the launch on April 28.

Digital downloads

A major new feature on our new site is that we can now provide downloads as a complement to regular CDs. This opens up a range of possibilities and we currently have the following options:

iTunes format

All productions are (will be - shortly) available in AAC format. We use the same format as iTunes, i.e. 44.1 kHz and 256 kb/s. Good quality at a low price and with approximately 10% of the file size. Perfect for your mobile phone.

FLAC - for higher quality

With the FLAC format, the audio material is presented with the same resolution as it was originally recorded. For most of our productions, this means 44.1 kHz and 24-bit resolution, which is slightly better that the 16 bits available on CDs. Beginning a few years back, all our recordings are now made at 96 kHz or higher. You can find these by checking the HD tag on the search page.

Mastered For iTunes

All digital downloads on this page are remastered according to the Mastered For iTunes procedure. Per Sjösten (CEO and Chief Sound Designer @ Footprint) is approved by Apple to deliver MFiT masters. Interested in knowing more about MFiT? Klick here.

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