Our audio formats

Regardless of the chosen audio format, a booklet in the form of a PDF file is included. iTunes format This is the audio format with the lowest resolution we have. As a consequence, this audio format renders the smallest files on your computer or smart phone. It is similar to mp3, but with a slightly […]

What is Binaural sound?

The word Binaural simply means that we have two ears, resulting in certain directional properties for our hearing. In Audio, Binaural is the term used when we simulate that sound is reaching our ears from different directions. The Binaural version is available for some of our albums and this version is rendered from a surround […]

What Apple Digital Master?

Apple Digital Master (ADM, previously “Mastered for iTunes”) is a mastering procedure to ensure that there are no clipped samples in the encoded audio files. Clipping can occur for two different reasons: 1) Intersample overloads. A sharp peak in the audio signal can have its True Peak between two samples at maximum amplitude. As the […]

What is MP3 and AAC?

MP3 and AAC are two encoding schemes for audio based on the properties of human perception. One such property is that high levels of low frequency sound makes higher frequency sounds with lower levels inaudible. This is one example of a masking effect and as a result of that, fewer bits can be used to […]

What is PCM?

When an analog audio signal is converted to a digital signal, a sample is taken from the analog signal 44100 times per second for CD resolution and 96000 times or more per second for High Definition (HD) recordings. For each sample taken, the signal voltage is measured and converted to an integer number. This number […]

How do I download to Windows?

When you buy an album and the payment has been accepted, you will see buttons to download your goods. One of the buttons is for the PDF Booklet, containing all the information about the recording. The other button(s) let(s) you download the audio files. The audio files are normally contained in a zipped folder, that […]

How do I download to OS X?

When you buy an album and the payment has been accepted, you will see buttons to download your goods. One of the buttons is for the PDF Booklet, containing all the information about the recording. The other button(s) let(s) you download the audio files. The audio files are normally contained in a zipped folder, that […]

What is FLAC Format?

FLAC is a process to reduce the data size of an album, without compromizing the audio quality. This makes it easier to download the album. FLAC is an acronym for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which means that a decoded album is identical to the original.

Extreme Resolution

Albums labeled as Extreme Resolution are recorded in DXD format. The sampling rate is eight times that of a standard CD, 352.8 kHz, and 24 bits. The resulting digital audio is as close to the analog original as we can get today. You need to have a digital-to-analog converter that can handle DXD to be […]

Postage and Packing

We have set a flat rate for postage and packing, no matter how many CDs you are ordering. Within Sweden: € 4.50 Outside Sweden: € 7.90

Jonas Sjöblom

Jonas Sjöblom focuses mainly on percussion and flutes. After completing studies at establishments such as Adolf Fredrik, Framnäs folkhögskola, and the Piteå School of Music, Sjöblom has been a freelance musician, a composer, a producer, and a soloist. Working alongside performers and dancers in different genres inspires him, and he has been featured on hundreds […]

Lisa Rydberg

Lisa Rydberg is a baroque violinist who has earned the title of Riksspelman, which roughly corresponds to “master folk musician”. The first person to have graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with the combination of classical and folk music, Rydberg tours regularly throughout Sweden and the rest of Europe and can be […]

Gunnar Idenstam

Gunnar Idenstam is a concert organist, composer, and folk musician. Though he comes from a background of classical music, Idenstam has always had “a love relationship from afar” with the folk and symphonic rock of the 1970s. Today, he brings these influences into the context of organ music, building bridges between the French cathedral tradition, […]


KammarensembleN is Sweden’s most established and respected ensemble within the Contemporary Music scene. Formed in 1984 the ensemble has dedicated itself to the promotion of music by Swedish and International modern classical composers. The ensemble members, many holding leading positions in Swedish orchestras and a number who are themselves composers, all unite in a deep […]

Traces of Oblivion

Footprint Records is proud to present our new album Traces of Oblivion, featuring classical guitarist Stefan Östersjö and free-form electronic wizard Jakob Riis. The music borders between improvisation and composition, created in a collaboration between composer Ole Lützow-Holm and Stefan Östersjö. Originally written for Östersjö’s 11-stringed alto guitar, this piece of music has been expanded and developed like a Pandora’s box, with twists and turns over the course of several years. Traces of Oblivion is not a traditional composition with a beginning and end, but rather an archive of sketches and score pages with electronic and acoustic sound recordings. Östersjö and Riis have created a truly singular album based on these raw materials. With careful processing of the guitar’s acoustic sound, strands and traces are woven in twirling arabesques, interrupted by explosive disruptions and ethereal reflections.

Josefina Paulson

The keyed fiddle known as nyckelharpa, entered Josefina’s life in 1992 and she has gone on to pursue the traditions from the region of her birth, the richly historical province of Västmanland. In 2008, she was awarded the badge of mastery for Swedish folk musicians, called riksspelman (literally “player of the realm”) and in 2011, […]

Inner Planets

Click here to listen on your favourite streaming service. 

Det blåser upp

Click here to listen on your favourite streaming service.

Vlad Stănculeasa

Young Romanian violinist Vlad Stănculeasa leads a rich musical life as soloist, concertmaster, and chamber musician throughout Europe, Asia and South America. He’s performed chamber music with some of the most celebrated musicians of today including Maxim Vengerov, Janine Jansen, Viktoria Mullova, Jeremy Menuhin, and Ana Chumachenco. He received top prizes in the George Enescu […]

Jesper Eriksson

Jesper Eriksson has studied classical saxophone at Stockholm’s Royal College of Music under Christer Johnsson. He has also studied under others, such as Jörgen Pettersson, Johannes Thorell, Claus Olesen, Vincent David and Arno Bornkamp. Eriksson’s interest in free improvisation began at music college and he went more in-depth deeper for his Masters. Alongside his music […]

Thomas Schuback

Thomas Schuback is a conductor, pianist and professor emeritus in interpretation at the Music College of Opera in Stockholm. During 1975–1992 he was conductor at the Royal Opera of Stockholm. As a recital pianist he has worked and toured with singers as Elisabeth Söderström, Barbara Bonney, Tatyana Troyanos, Håkan Hagegård, Gösta Winbergh, Kerstin Meyer, and […]

Fredrik Zetterström

Fredrik Zetterström is one of Scandinavia’s leading baritones of today. He studied with Prof. Birgit Stenberg and received his musical education at the University College of Opera in Stockholm. He has been engaged by all Scandinavian opera companies, as well as opera houses, throughout Europe and America. Some of his frequently performed roles are the […]

Maria Demérus

Maria Demérus is a trained soprano and holds a MA from Stockholm University of the Arts. She is acclaimed for her interpretations of demanding soprano roles. Often commissioned as a soloist for concerts and oratorios, Demérus has an extensive repertoire of sacred music and romances, ranging from Baroque to contemporary. She is also a recording […]

Royal Swedish Navy Band

The Royal Swedish Navy Band has its roots in the 1680s and has operated uninterruptedly since then. The band is today one of the Swedish Armed Forces three professional bands and it comprises 30 full-time professional musicians. The band makes more than 100 public appearances each year, in relation to o cial state visits, royal audiences, […]

Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

THE SWEDISH RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA was founded in 1937. Under the direction of Sergiu Celibidache in the 1960s, it evolved into an orchestra of international standard. As of 2007, Daniel Harding serves as Principal Conductor. All the orchestra’s concerts are broadcast by the Swedish Radio Channel P2 and many through the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). […]

Swedish Radio Choir

The Swedish Radio Choir was founded in 1925 and celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2015. The choir developed under Eric Ericson’s leadership from 1952 to an instrument for broad repertoire ranging from baroque to contemporary music, often composed for the choir. The choir has worked with conductors like Riccardo Muti and Claudio Abbado. As of […]

Jessica Bäcklund

Jessica Bäcklund has graced many venues throughout Sweden. She has appeared with Wermland’s sinfonietta, the Baroque ensembles of Drottningholm and Stockholm, and Kroumata. In Thomas Jennefelt’s Dixit Dominus, the composer created a Lamento for Jessica Bäcklund, and there is also a solo in Nocturnal Singing composed with her in mind. Bäcklund is a member of […]

Andrew Manze

ANDREW MANZE is a British conductor and violinist. While in Sweden, he was principal conductor for the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra for eight seasons. Manze makes frequent guest appearances around the world and currently recorded the complete cycle of Ralph Vaughan Williams symphonies with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2011, he was honoured with Sweden’s […]


Kondens consists of My Eklund (recorder) and Lisa Oscarsson (organ). Several works have been dedicated to this ensemble, such as Geist and Ghost, by the Malm.-based composer Daniel Hjorth. Their latest commission Goldberg 1.5 premiered at the 2016 New Directions festival, where it was also recorded by Swedish Radio P2 Live. Since 2014, this duo […]

Jan Sandström

Jan Sandström (1954) is one of the most frequently performed Swedish composers on the international scene today. No other Swedish orchestral piece has been played as often as his “The Motorbike Concerto” for trombone and orchestra. Sandström’s catalogue includes music for various ensembles, for choir, opera, ballet, and for radio theatre- but above all for […]

Daniel Hjorth

Daniel Hjorth (1973) is a composer who has gained acclaim for his rhythmic and richly melodic music ranging from orchestral pieces such as Crop Circles, Drum for your life and Symphony No. 1 to electroacoustic theatre music performed at Stockholm’s Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and the Royal Dramatic Theatre. His chamber opera Den Djupaste Platsen (“The Deepest Place”), […]

Ida Lundén

Ida Lundén (1971) focuses mainly on chamber and electronic music. Between 2011-2013, she was Composer in Residence at the Swedish Radio P2. Ms. Lundén was one of the founders of Syntjuntan, and over the last few years she has received attention for her imaginative works for sometimes unusual combinations of instruments like viola and potatoes […]

Mattias Petersson

Mattias Petersson (1972) has a diploma in electroacoustic composition from Stockholm’s Royal College of Music, and is an internationally renowned both as a composer and a musician. In addition to releasing solo projects on labels such as iDeal Recordings, Fylkingen Records and Jahr Null Aufnahmen, Petersson is featured on productions with well-known artists and ensembles […]

Lisa Ullén

Lisa Ullén (1964) is a pianist and composer. Based in Stockholm, her musical focus is on experimental jazz and contemporary improvisation. Time and time again, Ms. Ullén has proven her ability to make an impression with her sense for tonal texture, regardless of musical context. For decades, she has been a key artist on the […]

Lisa Oscarsson

Organist, born and raised in Stockholm. Lisa studied Church Music at the Malm. Academy of Music, for, among others, Mattias Wager and also at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, for, among others, Stefan Therstam and Tomas Willstedt. In 2005, she graduated and her majors were improvisation, composition and solo organ. In 2006, she […]

My Eklund

Recorder player. Studied at the Malmö Academy of Music (Bachelor’s degree), at ESAME in Portugal, and graduated (Master’s degree) from the Royal College of Music in 2007. Today, she is a progressive freelance musician who leads projects of her own and takes on freelance assignments in Early and Contemporary music, mainly in Sweden, but also […]

James Maddox

Australian pianist James Maddox studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with Nikolai Evrov and in Italy with Alexander Lonquich und Edoardo Strabbioli. He performs chamber music, accompanies vocal recitals and appears as soloist across Europe, in Asia and Australia. He has wide experience as an orchestral pianist and has played regularly with the Beethoven […]

Sofia Ågren

Sofia Ågren was trained as choral and orchestral conductor at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden and went on to complete a Master of Education, majoring in choir conducting and classical singing. As a part of her studies, Ågren has worked with professional ensemble singers and groups such as the Swedish Radio Choir, […]

Uppsala Vokalensemble

Uppsala Vokalensemble is a mixed choir with about 30 members. Founded in 1964, we now belong in the top segment of Uppsala’s choirs while always aiming even higher. Our repertoire is eclectic, with a focus on a cappella performances of classical music. Occasionally, we perform along with other choral groups and soloists. Uppsala Vokalensemble has […]

Katharina Bäuml

A native of Munich, Katharina Bäuml studied modern oboe, and baroque oboe and historical reed instruments, finishing both degrees with honors.  Since then she has specialized in myriad areas of early music, but her particular interest has been in wind music of the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries.  This interest led her, in 2005, to found the ensemble […]

Mikael Godée

Mikael Godée is one of the main ingredients of what we call the Swedish jazz. His involvement in groups Corpo and Änglaspel, where his lyrical and warm soprano saxophone creates a unique musical atmosphere, has been hugely important in today’s jazz scene. Photo: Lasse Persson

Toril Aae

Toril Aae, soprano, was a member of Oslo Chamber Choir 1994–2004. Photo Mads Iversen

Bjørn Sigurd Glorvigen

Bjørn Sigurd Glorvigen er folkesanger (kvedar) fra Dovre i Gudbrandsdalen, bosatt i Oslo. Han har utdannelsen sin fra UIO og Norges Musikkhøgskole der han har studert med bl.a Unni Løvlid og Berit Opheim. Han jobber som pedagog og frilans utøver. Fra 2013 er han kvalifisert i kveding kl. A innenfor det norske kappleiksystemet. I de senere […]


Simbi is a nine-piece orchestra, the only of its kind singing in Creole and playing Vodou Beat. In Haiti, Simbi is known as ‘the blue-eyed Haitians’. The band is long established. It has toured extensively and played small and large venues as well as at schools, clubs and festivals in Sweden, Haiti, Benin, the USA, […]

Mats Nilsson

Mats Nilsson took a conducting diploma at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, having previously studied the piano with Greta Erikson alongside studies in ensemble leadership, choral conducting and teaching. His conducting teachers have included Eric Ericson and Andrew Parrott with whom he has studied early music. From 1998 to 2003 Mats Nilsson was […]

Maria Magdalena Chamber Choir

Maria Magdalena Chamber Choir comprises 35 musically ambitious singers. In 2009 Mats Nilsson took over the leadership of the choir from Ragnar Bohlin. It was also at this point the choir was renamed. The choir is funded by Maria Magdalena Church in Stockholm and takes part in services throughout the year as well as giving […]

Karin Dahlberg

Karin Dahlberg (formerly Roman) is a Swedish soprano who time and again overwhelms her audience performing works ranging from baroque to contemporary music. She is hailed for her scenic charisma, sense of style and a wonderful timbre throughout her vocal range. Ever since her 2004 debut, performing Mozart’s Mass in c-minor with the Gothenburg Symphony, […]

Viktor Skokic

Viktor Skokic is well-known in Sweden as a bass player, composer, arranger and bandleader. After graduating from the renowned music programme in Skurup, Skokic has been involved in a number of projects, such as Sarah Riedel’s Memories of a Lost Lane; and Tira Vento spelar Taube, the debut release of Tira Vento, where he is musical director and arranger. He has […]

Carl Svensson

Carl Svensson was born in Vallentuna, but now lives in Gothenburg. He studied guitar at the Academy of Music and Drama at Gothenburg University and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (CNSMDP), Paris, France. In 2012, Carl Svensson was awarded a grant from the Albin Hagström Memorial Fund and he is involved in several projects as a composer and musician.

Trio Samara

Trio Samara plays modern and traditional music from the Middle East and from Scandinavia. The repertoire consists of Arabic music, sufi meditational music and Nordic traditional music such as polska and halling. The Arabic lute, the oud, embraces and challenges the saxophone and the bass in this brilliant trio.

Den Fule

Band members are Sten Källman (Simbi, Filarfolket, Bäsk) on saxes; Jonas Simonson (Groupa, Bäsk) on flutes and bass clarinet; Henrik Cederblom (Simbi, Sofia Karlsson, Freddie Wadling) on guitars and violin; Stefan Bergman (Simbi) on bass; Christian Jormin (Gunnel Mauritzson Band, Gizmo) on drums.

Bengt Ollén

Bengt Ollén has studied under Gösta Ohlin and Gunnar Eriksson at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg and in 1981 he formed the vocal ensemble Amanda. Bengt  is regularly engaged as a guest lecturer at choir festivals, workshops and concerts, both in Sweden and internationally. He works as a teacher of choir singing […]


Blåeld (Echium vulgare) play together. This might seem to be a commonplace statement, but it is a behavior that is not too common. The common result of this is, as a matter of fact, far more than the sum of the individual parts. The music has its roots in Swedish vocal jazz tradition, without the […]

Pow Wow

Björn Almgren – tenor saxophone (left channel) Jonny Wartel – tenor saxophone (right channel) Kjell Thorbjörnson – double bass Ingmar Landén – drums

Joona Toivanen

Joona Toivanen (born 1981) currently resides in Göteborg, Sweden. His  musical projects include Joona Toivanen Trio, the Nordic quartet Jazz & Flyfishing and the Swedish/Finnish Anders Hagberg Quartet.

Jan H Börjesson

Jan H Börjesson (f 1969) utbildade till organist vid musikhögskolan i Göteborg 1887-1992. Som orgellärare hade han bl.a. Rune Wåhlberg, Hans Davidsson, Hans-Ola Ericsson och Jacques van Oortmerssen. 2000-2016 arbetade han som organist i Sankt Pauli kyrka i Göteborg och är sedan 2016 organist i Kalmar domkyrka. Jan H Börjesson har konserterat flitigt i Sverige […]


Musicians Eva Åström-Rune – Vocals Johanna Dahl – Cello Ebba Westerberg – Percussion Robert Fölsch – Arabian lute

Anders Eby

Anders Eby was educated at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm; with continued studies in conducting in Italy, France and the United States. Between 1972 and 2001, he was church musician in the St Johannes Church in Stockholm, and since 2001 holds that position in Adolf Fredrik’s Church in Stockholm. Through the years, he […]

Grete Pedersen

Grete Pedersen is internationally acclaimed for her stylistically assured and musically convincing performances. Through a great number of concerts in Norway and abroad, recordings for radio and television, and CD recordings, she has become one of the most noted and sought-after conductors in the Nordic countries.

Oslo Chamber Choir

The Oslo Chamber Choir was founded in 1984 by Grete Pedersen, with the ambition of being one of the absolute top choirs of Norway, and an innovative voice in the international arena. Parallel to singing classical repertoire, the choir early started experimenting with Norwegian folk music, and through intensive work together with the best performers […]


Vokalharmonin was founded in 2004, as an ensemble specializing in the interpretation of early and contemporary vocal music. Fredrik Malmberg has been the Artistic Director from the start. The ensemble’s chief interest lies in exploring new sounds and vocal techniques, which has led to a close collaboration with several of Sweden’s leading composers. Other musical […]

The Swedish Chamber Choir

The Swedish Chamber Choir (Svenska Kammarkören), formerly known as Simon Phipps Vocal Ensemble, was founded in Gothenburg 1997. The choir has during the last years established itself as one of the leading mixed choirs in Europe with acclaimed recordings and various awards and prizes from international choir competitions. Most recent, the choir was the European […]


TETRA består av fyra sångerskor från Göteborg med samma lust att dela sånger med varandra. Alla har de mångårig erfarenhet av att sjunga musik från olika folkmusikaliska traditioner. Möt arabisk och grekisk ornamenterad sångstil, Haitipuls och nordiskt gung. Allt i TETRA:s egna arrangemang, som bygger på rytmiska vokalkomp, olika röstklanger och slagverk. TETRA reser, leker […]

Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps är utbildad vid King’s College i Cambridge och har senare studerat sång och dirigering i London, München och Manchester. Sedan 1993 är Simon bosatt i Göteborg. Simon är också konstnärlig ledare och dirigent för Läcköoperan och VÄGUS (Västra Götalands Ungdoms Orkester).


Serikon is the Greek word for silk and represents the pure, white silken thread that can be dyed in different colours and used to create new, complexly patterned weavings. The name is a metaphor for the pure and simple melody that is “coloured” and used to weave complex music. It also raises associations about how […]

Patrick Rydman

Some people try to separate musical genres. Every style of music should be neatly labeled and put in a designated drawer; if you open one you shouldn’t open another. Then there are those who believe it’s all connected – it’s all music, right? – and it’s OK to combine what you like as long as […]

Naoko Sakata Trio

Naoko Sakata Trio moves in the mysterious fields between the composed and the improvised. Beauty contrasts the unsightly in a world where there is no horizon and the only visible colors are the ones you choose to see. Intuitive interplay with quick turns and a lot of surprises is one of the hallmarks of this trio; and the repertoire […]


Markatta Musikteater gör musikföreställningar för barn, fyllda med dans, rörelse & teater. Markatta har sedan 1991 turnerat runt i snart varenda vrå av Sverige avlånga land där det finns barn. Skolor, daghem, bibliotek, teatrar konserthus och festivaler – ingen scen är för liten eller för stor för ett besök av Markattorna. Sedan vår start har vi […]

Magnus Kjellson

Magnus Kjellson är konstnärlig ledare för ensemblen Göteborg Baroque. Magnus är utbildad med diplomexamen vid Högskolan för Scen och Musik i Göteborg och vid Sweelinckkonservatoriet i Amsterdam efter studier för Rune Wåhlberg, Hans Davidsson och Hans van Nieuwkoop. Han är organist i Christinae kyrka i Göteborg. 1995–2007 undervisade Magnus i orgelinterpretation och liturgisk orgel vid […]

Göteborg Baroque

Göteborg Baroque består av 23 instrumentalister och 8 sångare. Instrumentalisterna spelar på tidstrogna instrument; antingen på originalinstrument från barocken eller på kopior av gamla instrument. Göteborg Baroque har valt att fokusera på svensk, tysk och italiensk barockmusik från 1600- och 1700-talet. Särskilt gärna sätts musik från den så kallade Dübensamlingen på programmet. Ensemblen hade sin […]

Fredrik Malmberg

A passion for unusual repertoire, combined with an expertise and instinctive understanding of a variety of periods and styles have become the hallmark of the Swedish conductor Fredrik Malmberg. Active both as a choral and an orchestral conductor, he has worked with among others, DR Vocalensemblet, Swedish Radio Choir, Concerto Copenhagen, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra […]

Eric Ericson Chamber Choir

Eric Ericson’s Chamber Choir was founded in 1945 by then 27-year-old Eric Ericson, and has since taken a central position in the Swedish and international music scene. Eric Ericson and his choir’s great interest in always finding new music and exploring new areas makes the ensemble’s repertoire very wide to this day: from early music […]

Christian Jormin

Christian Jormin, a pianist as well as a percussionist, is able to move freely in a multitude of musical contexts. He has a trio of his own, he’s a member of the folk fusion group Den Fule, and he’s active on the free improvisation scene. In demand internationally, he has recently given concerts in India, […]

Anna Jobrant

Anna Jobrant is a singer devoted to Early Music, which suits her voice and appeals to her soul. The Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg was the venue for her training; she has a degree in Music Education and then completed the Postgraduate Diploma Programme. While participating in the Diploma Programme, […]

Anders Jormin

Anders Jormin on bass is a seasoned and versatile concert musician. In addition to his many projects with top musical talents from all corners of the world, he is known for his work with groups such as Bobo Stenson trio, as well as exciting projects of his own. In addition, Anders is a composer and […]


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