Ack Libertas!

Martin Bagge


Ack libertas, du ädla ting! (v. 1-4)
Klagevisa över denna torra och kalla vår
Ballet from "Erster Fleiss"
Min hjärtans tröst och lilja
Amor han kan som en tyrann
Aria from "Erster Fleiss"
Mot mig har fienden övat
Gustavus ein Schwed gebore
Jag hörde fågel näktergal
Alemanda from "Studenten.Music"
Som en sjöman uti stor far
Lärkans sång är allsintet lång
Jeg skylder ingen for min død
Ack libertas, du ädla ting

Lars Wivallius (1605–69) was one of Sweden’s most talented poets in the 17th century, but he was also quite a rascal. Many a year behind bars sparked poetry glowing with the desire for freedom. These words were sung to well-known tunes of the day, but the exact combinations of words and music are unknown. Renowned musicologist Jan Olof Rudén has reconstructed melodies from the period. “Ack, Libertas!” features some of these melodies fused with the poetry of Wivallius. Arrangements and selection by Martin Bagge and Mikael Paulsson. Instrumental parts added by Mikael Paulsson.

The songs on this CD stem from the book Ack, Libertas! by Jan Olof Rudén, Martin Bagge and Mikael Paulsson (Bo Ejeby Förlag 2011,

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