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Swedish chorales and Arabian lute
In the group Alruna, Swedish traditional folk music join with Oriental improvisation. The group was formed in Göteborg in 1998 and consists of the vocalist Eva Åström Rune (Rosenbergs Sjua a.o.), Robert Fölsch, (Cabaret Oriental, Pireus), Johanna Dahl, (Eldsjäl, Zenit) and Ebba Westerberg, (Corpo, Konrad Band).

Eva Åström Rune gained interest in traditional chorales while growing up in Falun, in the middle of Sweden. After studies in folk song for – among others – Susanne Rosenberg and Lena Willemark at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Eva has devoted herself entirely to the folkloristic vocal music, both as an artist and as a teacher. Robert Fölsch has, during his many travels to Greece, studied for the great masters in Oriental music and has himself become an authority in this genre. Johanna Dahl has a long experience from theater music and composing. Ebba Westerberg, with her roots in jazz music, is the musical engine of the group.

Alruna has a completely unique sound, where the chorales from Dalarna and Skåne in Sweden, are mixed with the beautiful timbre and graceful ornamentation of the Arabian lute. The percussion and cello are not just accompaniment, but are to a great extent strong actors in this subduing music. Listen to the voice, lute, cello and percussion join, chat and play.

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