Perfectly still



Again (Skokic)
In Such Silence (Riedel)
The Storm (Riedel)
Portugal (Skokic)
Blue Town (Lourain)
Surabaya Johnny (Weill/Brecht)
The Stone (Svensson)
To My Left (Skokic)
You Belong To Me (King/Chilton/Stewart)
Don't Think Twise, It's All Right
All Or Nothing At All
Vals på Mysingen

Perfectly Still may be the first album released by the trio Riedel/Svensson/Skokic, but the members are hardly newcomers to the music business: Sarah Riedel, vocals; Carl Svensson, guitar; Viktor Skokic, double bass; have all figured in a wide variety of contexts and they’ve been a trio since 2009.

Perfectly Still is a musical tour of their acoustic universe, and all nine tracks were either composed or picked up by members of the trio. This release also features guest performers Thomas Backman on alto sax and clarinets, and Martin Öhman on percussion.

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