Anders Jormin, Christian Jormin


And yet, I wish you well (Trad. arr. Christian Jormin)
Cirrus (Christian Jormin)
Adagio Faroese (Anders Jormin)
Song from the Lake of Jorm (Christian Jormin)
5. M (Anders Jormin)
Sol (Anders Jormin)
Herding Song (Trad. after Omas Hanna Hansson, arr. Christian Jormin)
Ave Maria (Trad. after Sinikka Langeland, arr. Anders Jormin)
Bismillah (Christian Jormin)
Villages and Rivers (Anders Jormin)
Adagio Solitudo (Christian Jormin)
Laid on Straw (Trad. arr. Christian Jormin)

Being brothers, we grew up making music together. Among our first musical experiences was playing as a trio with our father, a self-taught jazz pianist. Anders, being five years older than me, played bass on the low e-string of an acoustic guitar. I used brushes on cardboard boxes, with a tambourine at the side. That’s how it all started.
A few years back, we began to explore playing as a duo. Soon realizing that we share a vision of a musical landscape, one rooted in our common provenance and ranging to the musical sounds we create in the here and now. It’s music to a great extent improvised, but with our own compositions as a foundation. Songs from the Lake of Jorm.
This CD was recorded over the course of a few autumn days, in the inspiring environment of Enggården, in the Swedish province of Värmland, with the mighty forest just outside the concert hall.

We wish you much joy in listening.
Christian Jormin

Recorded September 13–14, 2012 at Enggården, Brunskog, Sweden
Sound design Per Sjösten, Sound Processing,
Mixed and edited by Per Sjösten and Christian Jormin at Sound Processing Studio, Göteborg, Sweden
Produced by Per Sjösten, Anders Jormin and Christian Jormin

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