Silent Arrow

Thomas Gustafsson & Lindha Kallerdahl


Night and Day (Cole Porter)
Silent Arrow (Lindha & Thomas)
Lush Life (Billy Strayhorn)
Flowing Gently Over Lips and Teeth (Lindha)
Green Apples in the Light of the Sun (Lindha & Thomas)
Autumn Leaves (Josef Kosma/Johnny Mercer)
My True Arrow (Lindha & Thomas)
Ha Tarra (Lindha & Thomas)
Intro of a Light Sound (Lindha & Thomas)
Ophelia's Song (Lindha)

Immediate vocal and saxophone with TGLI
TGLI is the free flying singer Lindha Kallerdahl and the well merited saxophone player Thomas Gustafsson. On a couple of tracks, the duo is accompanied by Anders Kjellberg on drums and Owe Almgren on bass. The premiere for this group was in front of a large and enthusiastic audience at the Stockholm Jazz Festival, summer 2006.

The music is free, characterized by improvisation, spontaneity and immediateness. Clear and playful melodies and rhythms as well as complex soundscapes and divine chaos. Lindha’s voice is catching like witchcraft and might take any direction. Together with Thomas’ unique sound, nothing seems impossible.

On Silent Arrow they alternatingly make improvisations on their own material and new versions of standards like Night and Day, Lush Life and Autumn Leaves.

In 2001, Lindha (then Lindha Santesson) made the Swedish Jazz album of the year, Far From Alone (Caprice). She has also been heard with 1 Swans Repeat, Love Supreme, Sonic Youth and Johan Zakrisson. Presently, she’s carrying on with the band Gold, with NYC-based Okkyung Lee, cello, Anna Lindahl, violin, and Nina de Heney, double bass. A solo album is coming in spring 2007 (Hoob Records).

Thomas Gustafsson has played with a number of free form groups since the 70’s. Entra, Dr Dingo, Bitter Funeral Beer Band, EnoK, TG Evil Orchestra and many more occasional meetings have all been marked with Thomas’ sensitive and yet distinct way of playing the saxophone.

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