The Beauty of Bach

Änglaspel, Stefan Forssén


Sinfonia (Partita II, BWV 826)
Menuet (Französische Suiten, Suite I d-moll, BWV 812)
Kyrie (Hohe messe, BWV 232)
Organ ad blues (Tocata C-dur, BWV 564)
Sara linda (Suite V, c-moll for Cello, Sarabande, BWV 1011)
Courante (Suite II, d-moll for Cello, BWV 1008)
Koral (Herzliebster Jesu, was hast Du verbrochen, chorale from Matthäuspassion, no. 3, BWV 244)
Andante (Musikalisches Opfer, no. 8 C, Trio, BWV 1079)
Ricercar (Musikalisches Opfer, no. 5, BWV 1079)
Variatio 22 (Goldberg-Variationen, BWV 988)
Sonatalargo (Musikalisches Opfer, no. 8A, Trio, BWV 1079)
Cembalo-adagio (Concerto I, d-moll, BWV 564)
Goldberg 25 (Goldberg-Variationen, BWV 988, an Die Kunst der Fuge, no. 19, BWV 1080)
1 5 2 1 (Erkenne mich, mein Hüter, chorale from Matthäuspassion, no. 15 (formerly 21), BWV 244)

Bach’s music as he would have played it today?
The Swedish jazz pianist and composer, Stefan Forssén, became inspired by the music of J. S. Bach and wrote a suite for his group, Änglaspel (Angel Chimes). At some passages, the music follows Bach’s original score closely while at other the original is scarcely recognizable. At all times, the music is played with confidence, strength and loving care.

The Finnish poet, jazz pianist and former Minister of Cultural Affairs, Claes Andersson wrote: “…Here you find the freedom of jazz, its aleatoric dimension. Here you find the calm rests, the devotional feel of the chorales. And here you find demons unleashed in furious improvisations, often in fast tempi, sometimes as ‘free jazz’, but with a meaning and logical structure…”

This production was recorded for broadcasting at the old Studio 12 by the Swedish Radio in Göteborg. The producer was Martin Hansson, engineers Bengt Pettersson (Sept 2000) and Bertil Karlsson (Nov 2000).

The recordings were made using a Sony digital multitrack recorder (DASH) and in 2002, these recordings were digitally transferred to my DAW – at that time Pro Tools. They were remixed, edited and mastered at the Sound Processing Studio, by Per Sjösten, Stefan Forssén and Mikael Godée.

The digital versions available out there on a large number of DSPs are taken directly from the CD master. The digital version available here is created in Pyramix following the Mastered for iTunes procedure.

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