Urgency of Now

Vocal Art Ensemble
Jan Yngwe



The New Moon (Eriks Ešenvalds)
O salutaris hostia (Eriks Ešenvalds)
To See a World (Sven-David Sandström)
Le jardin féérique (Maurice Ravel)
The Hymn of Acxiom (Vienna Teng)
Urgency of Now (Jan Yngwe)
Där livet klingar ut (Ulrika Emanuelsson)
Magnificat (César Alejandro Carillo)
Hide and Seek? (Imogen Heap)
Lacrimosa (Calixto Alvarez)
De profundis (John August Pamintuan)
Agnus Dei (Samuel Barbe)
Stars (Eriks Ešenvalds)

Urgency of Now – fresh, exciting, challenging
Vocal Art Ensemble of Sweden treats us to choral music that takes on the burning questions of our day and age, such as the environment, democracy, xenophobia and equal rights regardless of colour, creed or ethnicity. A celebration of life!

A musical manifestation of their dedication to our times, the will to be an advocate of humanitarian values in a fast-paced society.

Two brand-new commissioned pieces for choir and percussion now enrich the Swedish choral repertoire thanks to support from The Swedish Arts Council: Ulrika Emanuelsson’s “Där livet klingar ut”, about the courage to stand up for a more humane society and Jan Yngwe’s composition “Urgency of Now”, about the unfulfilled promises of democracy.

Fresh arrangements for V.A.E. from two colourful singer-songwriters that move effortlessly between genres: Vienna Teng pokes fun at our information society in “Hymn of Acxion” and Imogen Heap speaks out against xenophobia in “Hide and Seek”.
Listeners are also treated to a burst of Filipino energy by John August Pamintuan and a plaintiff prayer for a better world by the Cuban composer Calixto Alvarez. Deservedly showcased with several tracks, ?riks Ešenvalds of Latvia displays his personal touch and his magic “singing” glasses.
Works by Maurice Ravel, Sven-David Sandström and Cesar Alejandro Carillo celebrate life and convey the message that we can make a difference. Samuel Barber’s “Agnus Dei” sums up the importance of personal growth and refinement.

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