Vi kom från jorden / We came from Earth

Göteborgs Kammarkör
Gunnar Eriksson



Jorden och Jonsson (Lennart Lundén)
Triss (Sven-Eric Johanson)
Naturens sorg (Elisabet Hermodsson)
Vad gör vi med sommaren, kamrater (Elisabet Hermodsson)
Den röda drömmen (Elisabet Hermodsson)
Visa i vinden (Elisabet Hermodsson)
Voices of Nature (Alfred Schnittke)
Vi jordens kvinno (Hilding Rosenberg)
Vi kom från Jorden, Doris land (Karl-Birger Blomdahl)
Universum (Arne Mellnäs)
Större och mindre (Arne Mellnäs)
Hjärtans lust (Arne Mellnäs)
Havet (Arne Mellnäs)
Havets sång (Arne Mellnäs)
Vårvisa (Arne Mellnäs)
Regn / Ett grönt blad på marken (Arne Mellnäs)
Höst (Arne Mellnäs)
Aftonbild i mars (Arne Mellnäs)
Tierleben (Arne Mellnäs)
Någon gång ska vi dö (Arne Mellnäs)
Sången om jorden (Vladimir Vysotskij)

The Gothenburg Chamber Choir was founded in 1963 by Gunnar Eriksson. When the choir now celebrates its 50th anniversary, it is still led by the conductor Gunnar Eriksson, today an internationally well-known music personality.

Throughout the years, the Gothenburg Chamber Choir has been distinguished by a broad repertory and a willingness to embrace new ideas. On this CD, We came from Earth, inspired by the science fiction poem Aniara by Harry Martinson, the material has space and Earth in particular as a theme. The lyrics depict man’s place in the universe, how tiny we are in the infinity that is space, along with the threats that face our planet and thereby the very existence of mankind. This may sound pretentious and solemn, but there is room for beauty, humour, anger and sorrow as well.

Musically, the repertory spans from songs arranged by Gunnar Eriksson to modern classical compositions by Karl-Birger Blomdahl, Arne Mellnäs, Hilding Rosenberg and Alfred Schnittke.

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