Mikael Samuelson / Bengan Janson / Björn Ståbi


Epistle no. 48, verse 1-7 Wherein is depicted Ulla Winblad's voyage home from Hessingen, in Lake Mälaren, one summer's morning 1769
Epistle no. 44 Concerning the mistress Bredström's and Movitz’ melancholy
Epistle no. 31 Concerning Movitz, upon receiving a beating due to a burst quint on his Bass Fiddle, one summer’s eve, 1769
Epistle no. 48, verse 8-12
Epistle no. 34 To Movitz, when fire broke out in his quarter, in Coalheaver Alley
Epistle no. 66 To Movitz, the painter
Epistle no. 48, verse 13-14
Epistle no. 29 To Quality People
Epistle no. 30 To Father Movitz during his last sickness, consumption. Elegy
Epistle no. 33 1:o, Concerning Father Movitz’ passage over to Djurgården, and 2:o, concerning the virtuous Susanna
Epistle no. 48, versmike 15-21

This is a wonderful tribute to Bellman’s most colourful character: Movitz. His fortunes and misfotunes are presented by the expressive voice of Mikael Samuelson, accompanied by Bengan Jansson on accordion and Björn Ståbi on violin. The episodes about Movitz are framed by the very calm and restful description of a boat ride on Riddarfjärden in Stockholm.

Recorded 20 juli 2007 at Falkeröds hembygdsgård, Grebbestad.
Recording, editing and mastring Per Sjösten, Sound Processing AB

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