Som eldens glöd/Like A Mighty Flame

La Cappella
Karin Eklundh



Stör inte kärleken (Johan Pejler)
Låt människan (Stefan Forssén & Bo Ejeby / Arr. Gunnar Eriksson & Karin Eklundh)
Dansa Kicki! (Anders Nyberg)
Solitude (Sven Hagvil)
Med ögon känsliga för grönt (Nisse Hansén / Arr. Gunnel Haulin)
Berusa er (Sten Källman)
Brudmarsch från Svarttorp (Ingela Johnsdotter-Omnell)
Raua needmine (Veljo Tormis)
Komm süßer Tod (Knut Nystedt)
Kärlekens lov I (Knut Nystedt)
Kärlekens lov II (Knut Nystedt)
Kärlekens lov III (Knut Nystedt)
Kärlekens lov IV (Knut Nystedt)
Kärlekens lov V (Knut Nystedt)
När natten skänker frid (Karin Rehnqvist)

The women’s choir La Cappella from Uppsala, Sweden, is today the most excellent choir of its kind in the country. The choir was founded in 1986 by the internationally renowned conductor Robert Sund. Today it is led by Karin Eklundh, who steadily has been broadening the the repertory and the vocal expressions. La Cappella is as well at ease in folk music arrangements from Sweden or Africa as in fresh choral music of highest quality. Many compositions have been made directly for La Cappella, by among others Karin Rehnqvist.

On this CD, Like a Mighty Flame, La Cappella sings Nordic/Baltic music to poems about love and about the threats against love.

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