Amanda chante Haiti

Amanda/Sten Källman


Mwen sot anba
Legba Gweto
Papa loko
Minis Azaka
Pyè Alema
Ezili Kanot Chavire
Gede Nibo
Peze Kafé
Gade moun
Priyè pou Ayiti
Mayi a Gaye
Ogou wa desanj

This CD is a compilation of newly recorded material (2010 & 2012) and previously released recordings on AMANDA (Imogena Records IGCD 063, 1995), AMANDANDRA (Imogena Records IGCD 075, 1998) and TRES (Footprint Records FRCD 035, 2005). It also contains sound material recorded by Jan-Olov Granqvist during filming sessions on site in Haiti 2012.

The decision to make a CD production solely devoted to Haitian music was quite natural. Ever since the roads of the ensemble Amanda and Sten Källman crossed in the late 80’s, Amanda has had Haitian music from the Voodoo tradition on their repertoire, in arrangements by world musician Sten Källman.

Sten Källman is probably Sweden’s most prominent expert on Haitian music and culture. 40 years ago he decided to bring the Haitian music to the world outside. Since then, he has produced a large number of great choral arrangements, most of them available att

Amanda is quite an extraordinary choir. Still, she is not a choir in the usual meaning of the word. She consists of classical musicians and music teachers as well as pop singers, world musicians, theater professionals and other musical personalities. Amanda produces carefully composed shows that takes the audience on an emotional journey – with the audience in constant focus. Haitan music has always played an important role in Amanda’s shows and to quote Sten’s words: No other choir in the world sings Haitian music as Amanda does.

So, here it is. Enjoy!
Per Sjösten

Sound design:
Per Sjösten (2,4,5,9,10,13,14,16,17)
Per Sjösten & Henrik Cederblom (1,18)
Åke Linton & Jonas Simonsson (6,7,15)
Palle Bothén, Hans Asteberg, Ingemar Henning & Lars Diedricksson (3,8,11)

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