Barnens första sånger

Various artists

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Det luktar litet barn här
Ro ro barnet
Lilla ungen min
Rida, rida ranka
Mormors lilla kråka
Sparka med lilla benet
Gunga lite grann
Har du sett?
Bä, bä, vita lamm
Bä, bä, vita lamm
Tumme möter tumme
Var är tummen
Trollmors vaggsång
Ja se va löpper
Långt nere i dala
Krakel Spektakel
Det kom blod
Våran gård
Ketchup ska prutta
Blommig falukorv
Vi äro musikanter
Ska vi byta
Bro, bro breja
Björnen sover
Små grodorna
Hej, sa Petronella
Tre pepparkaksgubbar

This might well be the perfect CD for all (Swedish?) children. It is a complement to the book Barnens första bok (The Children’s First Book), that contains texts from a large number of traditional rhymes, tales and songs for children. This CD contains a selection of 33 songs from this book.

We have chosen to include the original recordings of these songs, or – in some cases – the versions we found to be the best: Alice Babs & Titti sing two songs by Alice Tegnér. Hans Alfredson sings “Blommig falukorv” and “Ska vi byta?”. A group from the choir Amanda sings from their success performance “Krakel Spektakel”. Tomas von Brömssen sings a traditional song. Sonya Hedenbratt and Claes Janson sing a couple of songs by Georg Riedel. Six songs are selected from Jujja and Tomas Wieslanders collection of songs about Mamma Mu.

To these famous recordings, we have added a few of our own, partly with the vocalist Ingrid Brännström (from the choir Amanda and the Children Performance groups Markatta and Makadam), partly with a children’s choir, formed for this occasion, lead and inspired by Ingrid Brännström, Marianne Ejeby and Åsa Johansson. Both Ingrid and the choir are accompanied by the pianist and accordion player Stefan Forssén, a well known jazz-musician and composer, for instance in the group Änglaspel.

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