Wallpaper Stories

Josef & Erika


If the Weather Changes
Your Heart Within My Pocket
Outside My Window
Keep Our Curtains Drawn
Wallpaper Stories
Newfound Ground
Painting Windows
When I'm with You
Pet Ferret
City Lights

Erika Alexandersson and Josef Kallerdahl make their CD debut with Wallpaper Stories. The pristine melodies are influenced by jazz and pop. Virtuoso, sensitive and unique interpretations – the duo’s own songs and conversational improvisations occasionally seasoned with vocal harmony or steel guitar (Richard Krantz), trumpet (Emil Strandberg) and bass clarinet (Nils Berg).
Erika Alexandersson is a recent graduate of the School of Music at Göteborg University. Another project of Erika’s is the Öhman-Alexandersson duo, free improvisations with the drummer Martin Öhman. She also composes music for string quartets and vocals in her project Speak Low. Bassist Josef Kallerdahl is much in demand, and has collaborated with groups such as the New Tango Orquesta, the ballad singer Dan Viktor and the trio Music Music Music.

”It’s fairly subtle, not always easily accessible, but always alluring. That’s what makes this CD of music on the edge of jazz grow on you.” Orkesterjournalen

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