Such is life

VOX Vocal Quartet


Such is life
Kärlekens ögon
Grön sang
Din mun var vallmo
Overstået angst
Quartetto: étude sentimentale
Det är något bortom bergen
Tyst är det rum
Det är vackrast när det skymmer
Oh, Nuncle
Quodlibet över tre svenska folkvisor
Dansen i rosende lund
From Windsor Forest

VOX – the voice
The voice – that most revealing feature. Four voices – the inner drama within a family, revealed.

The daily lives of the members of VOX is not known to me: four people who live their separate lives with joys, sorrows and disappointments. But I have seen them on stage, most recently in the church in Lysekil. Once again, the miracle: the experiences of four individuals fusing into one. For a brief moment the chaos is brought to order. Every composition, the small vibrato on a note, the minute delay of a dissonance, the change in their posture and the patterns they form in church, the transformation of their faces, like a landscape in ever-changing light – everything speaks of one thing: life is full of meaning.

Few ensembles in the country are better qualified than Vox to convey this feeling with authority – four highly professional singers with a solid background in Swedish musical and cultural traditions, all possessing many years of training and experience with regard to various kinds of music, who have a day job that allows them to let their own and others’ imagination flow freely – on the taxpayers’ expense. And not to worry, it’s all legitimate, the authorities will not interfere.

Perhaps the vocal quartet is a model for the ideal democratic society. How about dividing our entire society into quartets for a while?

Gunnar Eriksson Choirmaster,
professor at the School of Music, Göteborg University

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