Sol Salutis

Christian Jormin 3


Det tänds ett ljus/ A Light Has Been Lit
Den sista världen/ The Last World
Dream City
Det finns en väg/ There Is a Way
Vändkors/ Turnstile
Sol Ottilia
Pärlor sköna/ Pearls of Beauty
I Hoppet/ In Hope
Sol Salutis

Percussionist and jazz pianist Christian Jormin and his trio play music that is contemplative and meditative. But it never
lacks focus or meaning. Here you will find warmth, spirit, curiosity and inventiveness. Six of the ten tracks are Christian Jormin’s own compositions, the rest are improvisations on choral melodies. The trio, which came together in the 1990’s, features – apart from Christian Jormin – the bassist Mattias Grönroos and Magnus Boqvist on drums.

”This music has evolved during the church concerts we’ve had over the years. Music with a contemplative basic character. Simultaneously full of movement and surprises. Some call it meditative jazz. In our opinion, it doesn’t matter what it’s called. If you look at something from a distance, a pattern emerges. When you move in closer, you can distinguish the details.” Christian Jormin

”Lean back and enjoy the ride!” Sundsvalls Tidning

”Sensitive and skillful craftsmanship of a higher order” Uppsala Nya Tidning

”Pride, vigour and elegance are just a few of the words that come to mind when I listen to Sol Salutis.” Jönköpingsposten

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