Uppsala Vokalensemble
Jesper Eriksson, Sofia Ågren



Emil Råberg: Approximately Four Improvisations
Summer Melody (Jesper Eriksson, Uppsala Vokalensemble, Sofia Ågren)
Winter Sounds (Jesper Eriksson, Uppsala Vokalensemble, Sofia Ågren)
Spring Tune (Jesper Eriksson, Uppsala Vokalensemble, Sofia Ågren)
Maria Lithell Flyg: Andas den ut ur mitt bröst (Uppsala Vokalensemble, Sofia Ågren)
Martin Q Larsson: Hundra tusen miljarder (Uppsala Vokalensemble, Sofia Ågren)

Singing new, original choral pieces is a challenge and an adventure. There’s something very special about sheet music straight from the hand of the composer. No recordings of other ensembles exist for guidance, but we do have the composer to consult. It’s not uncommon that the music changes while we’re studying it, since the composer gets new ideas by working with a conductor and a choir.

Uppsala Vokalensemble regularly works with different composers, both because we believe in supporting contemporary music and because this provides us access to great new music that we, in turn, can present to our audiences. It is also an excellent growth opportunity, a way to open up musical horizons.

UrVerk features three choral works that Uppsala Vokalensemble, led by Sofia Ågren, has premiered with and now has recorded for the first time. Who knows, a century from now, they might be classics.

Recorded at Bälinge church, Sweden, November 11–13, 2016
Balance engineer Per Sjösten
Producers Sofia Ågren and Per Sjösten


This recording was made at 96 kHz sampling frequency
Microphone pre-amplifiers and AD-converters from Merging Technologies
Recording, editing and mixing in the Pyramix DAW
Mastered for iTunes by Per Sjösten, Sound Processing AB

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