Pow Wow


Melodi från atombomb ((Håkan Hellström))
Little Moon Crow ((Lennart Kullgren))
Diger Jankes vals ((Gullik Alfred Falk))
Gånglåt efter Pekkos Per
Round Trip
Comme il faut
Ramblin' ((Ornette Coleman))
Comin' and Goin'
Lakota Song
Witchi Tai To ((Jim Pepper))
Till sist ((Lennart Kullgren))

In the open and free form av jazz that characterizes the group Pow Wow from Gothenburg, the music finds its own ways: Swedish and native American folklore is mixed with lyric ballads, classic jazz tunes by Ornette Coleman and the less known Jim Pepper, and originals by Lennart Kullgren. A certain attraction towards the American Indian culture is noticeable already in the name of the group.

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