Halling i köket

Den Fule


Städa, The Week clip (Jonas Simonsson)
Norskorna, The Norwegian Ladies clip (trad Norway, arr Den fule)
Glimten, The Gleam clip (Stefan Bergman)
Grums/Delta clip (Jonas Simonsson, Henrik Cederblom) clip
Rökschottis, Smoke Schottis clip (Henric Cederblom)
Knöltoppen, Knucklehead clip (Henric Cederblom)
Liabekken clip (Sjugurd Garmo)
Halling i köket, Kitchen Halling clip (Jonas Simonsson)
Hunden, The Dog clip (Henric Cederblom)

After years of absence, the Swedish world music combo Den Fule stages a welcome comeback. Their new release – Halling i köket (Kitchen Halling) – is on the Footprint label.

Band members are Sten Källman (Simbi, Filarfolket, Bäsk) on saxes; Jonas Simonson (Groupa, Bäsk) on flutes and bass clarinet; Henrik Cederblom (Simbi, Sofia Karlsson, Freddie Wadling) on guitars and violin; Stefan Bergman (Simbi) on bass; Christian Jormin (Gunnel Mauritzson Band, Gizmo) on drums. In addition to their talents, percussionist Baboucarr Jagne makes a guest appearance on two tracks, playing djembe.

Den Fule knows how to whip up feisty tunes firmly rooted in Nordic folk music. An innovative mix of traditional fiddle melodies, pumping R&B grooves, and delectable pop and rock riffs, all served up with a twist of jazz phrasing.

“You can tell they’ve been listening to desert blues à la Tinariwen, another style they deftly weave into their eclectic folk-roots sound. The all-instrumental music is crisp, explosive and hard-driving. Good show!” Patrik Lindgren, Göteborgs-Posten

“The Swedish folk rock veterans are back in full force… ‘Halling i köket’ is a collection of new tracks with distinct ties to the Swedish folk music tradition. All wrapped in subtly clever arrangements that never get pretentious, but that do dip into the well of world music and the raw purity of rock… They can do no wrong.” Søren Jensen Lund, Roots Zone, Denmark

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